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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interesting in the News 3/24

Octuplets' Mom Accuses Nurses of Spying <--link to the news story

She has "let them go" can't say fired since she wasn't paying them. Honestly, what on God's green earth is she thinking??? Her mother is not helping, since she they are no longer getting along because the grandmother was honest about her feelings on her daughter's irresponsible decision to have 8 more children in addition to the six that she could not afford in the first place. Her father is going to Iraq to attempt to earn a living and help support the family? So in her incredible wisdom she lets the nurses go????? Angels in Waiting was going to provide around the clock care for 18 months for all 14 of the children.

Most sane people would look at their situation and say, gee, I have 6 kids already, 3 of which have some level of special needs. Is it REALLY responsible, fair to them, financially feasible to have 8 more??? Oh, wait, the working taxpayers will foot the bill... that's right!

Obama Has Meghan McCain's 'Support' <-- Link to article

I am a bit tired of her as well. She registered as a Republican for her father, not quite a good reason for most folks. Really though, what I want to comment on is the whole thing with Laura Ingraham. What Laura Ingraham said about Meghan McCain was SATIRE. Since McCain did intern work at Saturday Night Live one would think that she would understand what satire is. I am sure that she enjoyed all of the SNL satire of Sarah Palin during the presidential campaign.